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Food vacuum packaging machine

Food vacuum packaging machine
Model: XH-500 single-chamber vacuum packaging machine
Food vacuum packaging machine is a semi-automatic vacuum equipment, suitable for all kinds of solid, paste, powder, liquid, electronic products (semiconductor, circuit board, electronic products, etc.) for various foods, local products, medicines, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, etc. Vacuum packaging of machined and machined metal parts to prevent moisture and oxidation. The packaged product can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth-eaten, and moisture, and can extend the storage life of the product. The vacuum food packaging machine is easy to operate. It only needs to press the vacuum cover to automatically complete the process of vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling , The entire process of exhaust.

Material applies stainless steel structure, fully enclosed. Packing capacity 2-4 times / min. Power supply form AC380 50Hz
Sealing length 400mm
Double row pitch 370mm
Shelf height 80mm
Machine power 1.2KW
Extreme vacuum 200PA
Vacuum pump XD-020

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