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Ribbon coding machine, date coding machine

Ribbon coding machine

Model: HP-241B Ribbon Coder Introduction:
This ribbon coding machine is used for coding plastic packaging such as plastic films, composite aluminum foil bags, carton labels, beverage bottle trademarks and other plastic composite materials, leather, packaging container bags, and plastic products.
The ribbon coding machine adopts thermal printing tape instead of ink printing, and adopts a special movable type loading and unloading structure, which can code on any flexible packaging material. The printing is clear and difficult to wipe off; it is hygienic, clean, and free of ink pollution. It is an economical and hygienic coding method. Can be widely used: food production date coding, batch number coding, drug factory date coding.

Technical Parameters

Code speed: 70-120 times / min. Adjustable code interval: any number of code lines: 1-3 lines Voltage: 220V 10% 50Hz
Power: 200W
Thermal printing tape width: 25-35mm

tag: Ribbon coding machine , date coding machine

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