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Semi-automatic filling and sealing machine

Model: Semi-automatic Filling and Sealing Machine
Filling and sealing of plastic pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, daily-use chemical supplies and other industries. Various pastes, pastes, viscosity fluids and other materials can be smoothly and accurately injected into the hose, and the hot air heating, end-sealing and batch numbering, production date, etc. are completed in the tube. Filling, overload protection.

Technical parameters Number of hose holders: 40 hose diameter: ф11 ~ ф50mm
Motor power: 2.3Kw
Air pressure: 0.6mpa
Dimensions: 2950 1310 2300mm
Sealing method: mechanical folding / hot-melt sealingFilling volume: mechanical folding / 2 ~ 300ml
Production capacity: mechanical folding / about 160 pcs / min

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