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Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine

Filling and sealing machine

Model: Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine RGNF-30D
Automatic filling and sealing machine is used for filling and sealing of large-diameter plastic pipes and composite pipes in the industries of medicine, cosmetics, food, daily-use chemicals, etc. Standard, filling, hot-melt, end-sealing, coding, trimming, and finished products can be filled into the hose smoothly and accurately with a variety of paste, paste, viscosity fluid and other materials, and complete the hot air heating, sealing Tail and batch number, production date, etc.

Equipment advantages:
1. Pneumatic way to complete the supply and washing of pipes, the action is accurate and reliable.
2. Intelligent temperature control and cooling system make operation simple and reliable.
3. The material contact part is made of 316L stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic, and fully meets GMP specifications.
4. The rotary hose mold is equipped with an electric eye control hose center positioning device, which uses photoelectric sensing to complete automatic positioning. It is easy to adjust and disassemble, and is especially suitable for users who produce multi-specification large-caliber hoses. The adjustment is convenient and quick.
5. Equipped with safety device, open the door and shut down, no pipe and no filling, overload protection

Technical Parameters

Aluminum tube diameter: Φ20-Φ60mm
Aluminum tube length: 300mm (very large length)
Hopper capacity: 40 L
Working pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Matching motor: 1.1 kw
Power: 380V / 220V
Filling range: 120ml-500ml / pieceFilling accuracy: ≤ 1%
Production speed: 1800 pieces / hour (adjustable)
Dimensions: 2440 (L) 900 (W) 2180 (H) mm
Machine weight: about 1000kg

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