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Automatic high-speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine (rubbing cap type)

Automatic high speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine

Equipment introduction:

The automatic high-speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine is an innovative equipment developed by our company with reference to domestic and foreign advanced technologies and combined with its own many years of production experience. This machine integrates automatic bottle feeding, automatic cap closing, automatic vacuum capping and automatic bottle out. It has high production efficiency, stable and reliable operation, and is an ideal screw cap for food tin, beverage, health care and other industries Cover device.

1. Fully automatic high-speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine overcomes the disadvantages of a traditional capping machine with a bottle cap and a capping head.
2. This model has a novel and unique design, intelligent electronic torque control, and simple operation and convenient adjustment and maintenance.
3. Wide range of applicable bottle cap specifications.
4. The body material is made of SUS # 304 stainless steel, which will never rust and conform to GMP pharmaceutical factory.
5. Automatically cover, lift, and lower cover, easy to operate.
6. Automatic shutdown for failure, safer operation.
7. The model has a beautiful appearance, which can be used for stand-alone production, and is an ideal model for on-line production.

Automatic high-speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine
Automatic high-speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine
Scope of application:
Automatic high-speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine is suitable for containers of various materials and geometric shapes, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc. When the bottle or cap needs to be replaced, just adjust the position of individual parts No need to change any accessories. In the process of capping, it can be done without bottles and caps. The speed of the capping device, conveyor, capping machine, and bottle clamping belt can be adjusted by frequency conversion to adapt to various specifications of capping within the specified range. (Attach: special specifications can be customized). This machine complies with GMP standards.

Sample display of automatic high-speed glass bottle vacuum capping machine:

soy sauce
soy sauce
Bottled sauces
Bottled sauces

Technical Parameters:
Capping diameter: φ38-φ82mm
Applicable bottle height: 60-150mm
Applicable bottle diameter: φ30-φ80mm
Capping speed: 30-100bots / min
Power: 220V / 50Hz 1500W
Weight: 450KG

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