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Large-scale weighing barrel oil filling machine-automatic oil filling machine

Auto oil filling machine

Model: Large-scale weighing type barreled lubricating oil filling machine-auto oil filling machine
Equipment introduction:
Large-scale weighing barrel oil filling machine is a highly automated quantitative filling and filling equipment controlled by a PLC touch screen controller. This equipment is a quantitative weighing designed by Beijing Spark research and development department for many times. Type filling equipment, the device itself has an automatic metering adjustment function, just enter the desired filling volume system on the touch screen to perform automatic conversion; the configured high-quality high-speed precise conveyor belt automatically adjusts the speed by frequency conversion, which can be based on different containers Choose the appropriate conveying speed and production requirements to provide convenient and intelligent conditions for the liquid material filling of your enterprise.

Auto oil filling machine details display:

Auto oil filling machine detail display

Performance characteristics:

1. The equipment has high accuracy, and the filling error does not exceed 0.5%;
2. Large-scale weighing barrel oil filling machine and material contact parts are all made of 316 stainless steel;
3. Accurate measurement: using servo system or cylinder control to ensure that the piston reaches the preset position.
4. Variable speed filling (servo type): During the filling process, when the target filling capacity is approached, variable speed can be applied to achieve slow speed filling to prevent liquid from overflowing the bottle mouth.
5. Convenient adjustment (servo type): changing the filling specifications only needs to change the parameters in the touch screen, and all filling heads are changed in place at one time, and the fine adjustment dose only needs to be adjusted in the touch screen.

Auto oil filling machine equipped with conveyor belt display:

Auto oil filling machine equipped with conveyor belt display

Scope of application:

Large-scale weighing barrel oil filling machine is suitable for coatings, chemical raw materials, paints, inks, adhesives, curing agents, organic solvents, edible oils, vat shampoos, detergents, liquid pesticides, liquid medicines, lubricants, gears Oils, antifreezes, and various flowable liquid materials such as lotions, care solutions, oral solutions, disinfectant solutions, eye wash solutions, nutrition solutions, drinks, injections, pesticides, medicines, perfumes, etc. can be filled.

Sample display of large-scale weighing barrel oil filling machine:

Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid
lubricating oil
lubricating oil
Car oil
Car oil

Technical Parameters:
Filling volume: 200-1000kg
Filling speed: 40-60 barrels / hour (based on 200kg)
Filling accuracy 0.2%;
Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

Auto oil filling machine display:

Auto oil filling machine display

Precautions for the use of large-scale weighing barrel oil filling machine:
The filling machine should be installed in a dry place with less electromagnetic interference and no severe vibration. If it is used in a dusty environment, please close the control cabinet door.
The automatic filling machine must be connected to a safety grounding wire, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock! During startup and maintenance, do not touch the terminals at will, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock, and it may cause malfunction or production failure. Misoperation and incorrect output will cause production accidents!
Before each startup, be sure to check that the power connection is safe. Please follow the operation of the instrument.

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