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Automatic filling machine

Automatic filling machine

Model: Automatic Filling Machine
The automatic filling machine is an improved design based on our company's automatic filling machine series products, and has added some additional functions to make the product more simple and convenient in terms of operation, accuracy error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance, etc. It is suitable for automatic filling of daily chemical and grease liquid products. It can fill different high-viscosity fluids. The filling volume is easy to adjust. It has two simultaneous filling heads. The filling materials are fast and accurate, and the adjustment is convenient. The filling and filling volume is accurate and has a counting function. It adopts anti-drip and wire-drawing filling bulkhead, anti-bubble filling lifting system, positioning system to ensure bottle mouth positioning and liquid level control system.

Technical Parameters

Filling speed: 30-60 bottles / minFilling accuracy: ≦ 1 ﹪
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Current: 3A
Power: 220 / 110V 50 / 60Hz
Power: 300W
Optional models: 5-60ml 10-125ml 20-250ml 30-500ml 50-1000ml 150-2500ml 300-5000ml

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