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Far infrared shrinking machine

Far infrared heat shrink packaging machine

Product introduction:
This device integrates advanced foreign technology and is a self-developed device. The entire shrinking process is intelligently controlled without manual intervention. It is also equipped with an intelligent temperature control system to make the seal more rigid. It also reduces burns to packaging materials. Packaging materials used in shrink packaging are more economical than other paper packaging, and more environmentally friendly than other plastic packaging. The packaging materials of the equipment can be degraded, which greatly saves our packaging costs.
Equipment advantages:
The shrink-wrapped product facilitates long-distance transportation, and can play a relatively good role in dust, impact and moisture. The streamlined appearance design is also very attractive, and the equipment has a compact structure and stable performance, which greatly prolongs the trouble-free operation time of the equipment and reduces the time for fault maintenance. This device is now trusted by our customers.
Scope of application: used in the packaging of pill boxes, test tubes, gifts, batteries, gifts, toys, etc.

BS-400LB main technical parameters:
Sealing and cutting form L-type fully enclosed large film 530mm (width) 280mm (outer diameter)
Power 380V / 50-60Hz / 3phase total power 1.5kW
Very high speed 35 packs / min. Platform height 780-850mm
Packaging height ≤125mm, air pressure ≤0.5MPa (5 bar)
Packaging width ≤350mm PLC SIEMENS S7
Folding film using film POF
Package size width + height ≤ 400mm length + height ≤ 480mm The main material stainless steel sealing and cutting system constant temperature heating system, easy to change the cutter, sealing and cutting does not emit smoke and odor

BMD-450B main technical parameters:

Furnace body size 1200mm (L), furnace mouth 450 (W) 220 (H) mm
Power 380V / 50-60Hz / 3phase
Conveyor chain conveyor belt, roller sleeve silicone tube adjustable conveyor speed, 40m / min total power 7kW platform height 780-850mm
Main material stainless steel weight 200kg

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