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PE film shrink machine, beverage shrink packaging machine

PE film shrink machine, beverage shrink packaging machine

Model: PE film shrink machine, beverage shrink packaging machine
PE shrinking machine is mainly used for drinks, mineral water, beer, medicine and other large-scale automatic shrink packaging items. The use of external cooling fans to achieve a good shrinking effect, but also can be used in home improvement, ceramics, chemical, petroleum, electronics, culture And daily necessities, conveyors can also be configured according to customer requirements using rollers, Teflon mesh or stainless steel conveyor nets. Packaged items are neat, beautiful, compact, flat, transparent, visible, waterproof And easy to transport, to ensure the quality of packaging items and the needs of long-distance transportation, this product is suitable for shrink packaging materials such as PE, PVC, POF

Technical Parameters

Mechanical dimensions: 2800 900 1720mm (L W H)
Very large package size: 1500 500 350mm (L W H)
Furnace cavity size: 1800 600 400mm (L W H)
Packing speed: 4000-6000pcs / h
Power: 22KW
Power supply: 3φ / 380V 50HZ

1.Transmission bandwidth 60cm, heating chamber length 180cm, height 40cm
2. Total working length 275cm, inlet length 15cm, outlet cooling length 80cm
3. The total working power of this machine is 20kw.
4.Infrared heating tube 500w 26pcs 8pcs, 8pcs on the side, 10pcs on the bottom

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