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Fully automatic heat shrinking machine

Automatic heat shrinking machine

Model: Automatic Heat Shrinking Machine Introduction:

The full automatic shrink packaging machine is suitable for the bottomless heat shrink packaging of bottled products such as cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water, beverages, daily necessities, etc. At the same time, it is used in conjunction with a constant temperature PE shrink oven to achieve the famous packaging Effect, suitable for PE, PVC and other shrink films.
This automatic heat shrinking machine is imported from Germany with advanced technology and manufactured in accordance with European technology. Electrical and pneumatic components adopt well-known foreign brands such as: OMRON, SICK, NORGREN, MITSUBISHI, etc., and can automatically encapsulate, seal and cut packaging items according to customer needs , Heat shrinking, cooling and setting, a full set of actions in one machine synthesis. After packaging, the product has a neat appearance, compact and intact, ensuring the quality of the items and the needs of long-distance transportation.

Technical Parameters

Model : ST-6030AH
Packaging speed: 8-18pcs / min
Power supply, power: 1Φ / 220V / 50Hz / 2KW
Very large package size: L600 W300 H300mm
Feed belt horizontal height / length: 850 50mm / 1500mm
Sealing time / shrink time temperature: 0.5-1.5S / 0-0.6S / 0-250 ℃
Packaging film width / thickness: max 600mm / 0.04 ~ 0.12mm
Dimensions: L3840 W1000 H1950mm
Net weight: 600kg

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