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Smart Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic labeling machine

TB-80WR intelligent automatic labeling machine principle introduction:
It is suitable for labeling round bottles that cannot stand. The automatic alternate feeding mechanism not only ensures the fast feeding, but also the continuity of the feeding, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the labeling machine. It is convenient and practical. According to the customer's needs for matching, feeding, and receiving structure, the fuselage can be designed to tilt forward or backward, applicable to the diameter of small round bottles can be designed according to the needs of the product, so that the production line can get better efficiency.

Technical parameters Applicable product range: outer diameter Φ5 ~ 30 mm
Labeling accuracy: 1 mm
Overall dimensions: 1700 550 1400 mm
Production capacity: 200-300 bottles / minute Power supply and total power: 220V AC / 50Hz 180 W
Total weight: 220 Kg

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