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Semi-automatic capping machine

Semi-automatic capping machine

Model: XH-4 semi-automatic capping machine
Semi-automatic capping machine is suitable for all kinds of capping machine equipment in cosmetics, veterinary medicine, pesticide, medicine, lubricating oil industry, equipped with capping positioning device, standard cap locking, easy to operate; capping speed is fast, and screwing can Adjust the tightness according to the needs, wide range of locking caps, can rotate bottle caps of various shapes and specifications, and good stability.

Technical parameters Capping range: 10mm—80mm
Capping speed: about 40 bottles / min.Net weight of host: 20kg
Air pressure: more than 4.5kg / cm2, less than 6.2kg / cm2
Air consumption: 0.08m3 / min
Clutch: adjustable

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