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Hand-held electric capping machine

Hand-held electric capping machine

Model: Hand-held electric capping machine
It is used for tightening and loosening various kinds of bottle caps such as medicine bottles, mineral water bottles, etc. The hand-held electric capping machine is convenient to carry around, and can be used to tighten or loosen various bottle caps. The clutch can effectively avoid damage to the bottle cap and reduce the wear of the inner plug. Once the bottle cap is tightened, the chuck will automatically stop rotating.

Technical Parameters

Capping range: 10-90mm
Capping speed: about 40 bottles / min.Net weight of host: 1.5kg
Voltage: 220V
Quick connector: 1/4 inch clutch: 5-25kg 5-35kg adjustable

Complete machine supporting: host machine, aluminum screw cap and buffer inner plug

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