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Automatic peanut vacuum packing machine

The birth of the automatic vacuum packaging machine has prolonged the storage time of the product. This equipment is a new product honored by Xinghuo in 2011. It can automatically complete the processes of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling, and exhaust. Vacuum packaging can prevent Mold, antiseptic, become a better choice for the food industry.

Use range:
The listing of this device has received the favor of our customers, and it has now been widely used in food industries such as pickles / tea / chicken legs / aquatic products / local products.

Salted peanuts


Product introduction:
The device can complete the entire production process by simply pressing the vacuum cover. The device integrates advanced foreign technology and combines the status of our country's food processing industry with a new product. Streamlined design and intelligent operating system. To make operation more convenient, the equipment's working environment is not limited, and is equipped with an automatic vacuum detection system, so that the products produced can reach the national QS quality certification.

Automatic peanut vacuum packing machine
Automatic peanut vacuum packing machine

Technical parameters Machine size: 1410 * 740 * 960mm
Sealing length: 600mm
Rated power: 380v / 50-60Hz 1.5KW
Effective size of vacuum: 600 * 480 * 90mm
Displacement: 2 * 20M3 / H

Reference customer case:
Chengde Luyin Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, mainly engaged in edible fungi, convenience foods, and frozen foods. The automatic company's initial inspection began to cooperate with our company. This year, Xinghuo Company just launched a fully-automatic vacuum packaging machine. They immediately ordered two. This machine brought them a lot of convenience. We also thank Chengde Luyin Food Co., Ltd. for their strong support.

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