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Sauce weighing filling machine

Sauce weighing filling machine
:酱料称重式灌装机、XH-CZ电子称重式灌装机 Product Name : Sauce Weighing Filling Machine, XH-CZ Electronic Weighing Filling Machine

product description:

The sauce weighing filling machine is controlled by a microcomputer (PLC), which has the characteristics of high production efficiency and accurate measurement, and is suitable for various containers of 5-50 kg. Can be filled according to customer requirements, such as: high-viscosity products such as hot pepper sauce, watercress sauce, sesame sauce, and food liquid products such as white wine, soy sauce, vinegar, condiments, vegetable oils, syrups, mineral water, and daily chemical, pesticide and chemical industries. Various liquid products.

Sample display:


1. This machine is made of stainless steel, which is not only beautiful, but also can satisfy corrosive liquids and food packaging with high sanitation requirements.
2. The structure of this machine is simple, compact and easy to adjust. It can replace containers of different specifications in a short time.
3. This machine adopts PLC control, stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency and strong applicability. The machine controls the filling volume by setting the filling weight, and the measurement is accurate.
4. The machine adopts text operation, the screen is intuitive, and the operation is convenient.
5. During the filling process of this machine, it will not foam, drip, brush or pollute the mouth of the container.

3D design drawings:

Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 380V
Filling range: 5 ~ 50KG
Filling speed: 120 barrels / hour (20 kg)
Error range: 1%
Installed power: 1.5KW
Working pressure: 5-7 kg / cm2 Air consumption: 0.4 m3 / min Net weight: 150 Kg
Dimensions: 1800mm (length) x 700mm (width) x 1600mm (height)

Note: The large filling volume and filling speed vary with the filling liquid, the filling method used and the skill level of the operator.
Note: Please provide your own air compressor. (Air pressure and air consumption must meet the requirements of the instructions).

Workshop display of sauce weighing filling machine:

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