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Double-head linear sauce filling machine

Double-head linear sauce filling machine
:双头直线式酱料灌装机 Product Name : Double-head linear sauce filling machine

product description:

Double-head linear sauce filling machine is a new type of filling equipment that Xinghuo Company specializes in quantitative filling of spicy sauce products. It is divided into two types: automatic spicy sauce filling machine and semi-automatic spicy sauce filling machine. Need to put bottles manually, you can choose AUTO filling and FOOT filling, and then combine the desktop capping machine capping and semi-automatic labeling machine for labeling, while the automatic double-headed hot pepper sauce filling machine is generally used with automatic capping machine, pulp Equipment such as paste labeling machines are used together to form a set of filling lines.

The double-head linear sauce filling machine is currently a relatively advanced filling machine product in China. His production has solved the problem that the pepper sauce manufacturer required a lot of manpower to complete the filling, and improved the filling accuracy of the product. The contact parts of the machine and the material are all made of 316L stainless steel. The power is driven by the Taiwan Yade passenger cylinder. The whole machine is clean and generous, and the power is strong, which makes many customers successfully resolve the ISO2000 and QS certification.

Sample display:


1. The material is 316L stainless steel.
2. Pneumatic components are controlled by German FESTO and Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components with PLC control and touch screen settings.
3. The seals are made of silicone rubber (abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance).
4. Filling stuffing head with anti-drip and brushing is used to ensure the positioning of the bottle mouth and no pollution.

3D design drawings:

Technical Parameters:

Need to be equipped with air pressure of 4.5-6 kg, air storage capacity of 0.3 cubic meters or more
Standard use speed is 15-35 bottles per minute
The particle diameter of the material is less than 20mm
Machine length 2350mm, width 950mm, height 800mm
Tank height 1000mm, tank volume 100L
Filling range: 50-500 ml

Detail drawing of double-head linear sauce filling machine:

Workshop application display diagram:

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