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Kit aluminum foil sealing machine

Kit aluminum foil sealing machine

Model: XH
product description:
This device adopts pneumatic gap operation mode, and the electrical appliance adopts programmable logic controller. It has automatic cup dropping, filling, color mark positioning, single-pass heat sealing, tooth cutter, automatic core trimming and waste film recycling, etc. Features. This machine adopts intelligent digital display temperature control system to control the sealing temperature, and the temperature error is less than 1%. High sealing strength and good sealing. The whole machine adopts German programmable logic control system and the body is made of stainless steel, which meets relevant food hygiene standards. The executive parts of the equipment adopt pneumatic control system, which simplifies the mechanical structure and has excellent sealing quality, which greatly improves the production efficiency and service life of the equipment.
Use range:
This machine is suitable for a variety of imported and domestic aluminum-plastic, PP, PZ, CPP and other roll packaging sealing materials. It is widely used in plastic boxes (cups) for beverages, instant noodles, dairy products, soy products, jelly and other industries The packaging lid, the finished product has the characteristics of uniform sealing, neat incision, good sealing and so on.

Technical Parameters:
Turntable speed: 13 ~ 16 pcs / min. Output: 800 ~ 100 cups / hour (can be customized according to cup size)
Capacity: 50ml ~ 300ml (can be customized)
Heating power: 1 Kw
Air consumption: 0.3 m3 / min
Power supply: ~ 380V 50Hz
Overall dimensions: 1300mm 1300mm 1750mm
Important point: about 200Kg

Production workshop:

1. Check whether the pressure of the air source is normal before starting the machine. Generally, the pressure should be maintained between 0.6-0.7Mpa. The waste water in the air filter should be discharged regularly to ensure the normal operation of the cylinder. The connection between the clutch (pawl) and the driving cylinder should be regularly refueled to avoid damaging the parts and affecting the extreme production quality and service life!
2. After the work is completed, allow the heat-sealed part to cool naturally, and wash the inside of the filling cylinder with hot water. The water is discharged from the water outlet or according to the "filling solenoid valve". After a while, clean the dirt on the aluminum plate to avoid premature corrosion and aging!
3. Frequently check the sealing ring for dirt to ensure the sealing quality.
4. Check whether the ground wire of the machine is in good contact to ensure safe power consumption!
5. Before work, adjust the sealing temperature from low to high to ensure that the heat sealing temperature is more uniform and the sealing effect is better!
6. If you find a fault, you should immediately press the emergency stop switch. All the actuators of the device will immediately reset, then turn off the power, check the cause, and turn on the power after troubleshooting.

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